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Who is ELET?

Established in 1984 as a non-governmental organisation, ELET is committed to transforming education and working towards whole-school development and community enrichment. For 34 years, we have worked towards the achievement of whole-school success through the development of able and committed educators, working with active and motivated learners, in an enabling and healthy environment.

From an exclusive focus in the early years on teaching English as a second language and its use in mediating learning across the curriculum, our portfolio of services has expanded to include the implementation of projects that seek to address some of the disabling conditions in many of the schools we work in, such as poor sanitation (along with its attendant ills), and bleak environmental conditions. 


Key principles underlying the operation of ELET:

A commitment to good corporate governance, including transparent and accountable fiscal management and reporting.

A recognition of collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships across a range of individuals, sectors, organisations and structures within the government, business and industrial spheres.

An endorsement and valuing of inclusivity and diversity across languages and cultures.

A pledge to the potential of education and language as a tool for liberation and empowerment.

A recognition of the interconnectedness between all areas of the organisation's strategic directions.

A respect for building and sustaining the capacities of individuals, groups and communities to self manage their own development beyond reliance on ELET’s initiating and facilitative project work.

A dedication towards developing the organisation's conscious and deliberate self-reflective and critical stance through explicit reporting, research and advertising of its organisational achievements.

A responsiveness to the changing environmental ethos of a rapidly evolving social, political, economic and cultural context which manifests itself in new policies, systems, procedures and practices affecting the educational terrain. 


Following an intensive strategic planning process undertaken in mid-2008, and in response to the shifting context within which we work and the changing needs of our beneficiaries, we took the decision to re-focus and strengthen our vision and our mission.

This strategic shift facilitated a re-thinking and re-imagining of our work and offered us the opportunity to practically plan for greater impact.

We have adopted a 10-year strategic plan (to be implemented 2009-2018) that identifies three strategic “pillars” as critical priority areas in our development over the next 10 years. These three pillars, which uphold our identity as an organisation, are:
Language Education

Environment and Health Education

Entrepreneurial and Life Skills Education

The goals underpinning our three strategic pillars (2009-2018) are:

Pillar 1: Language Education
Pillar 2: Environmental Education

The first two pillars, language education and environment and health education, have held our work for many years. Development of the third pillar, entrepreneurial and life skills education, began in 2009.

Along with the strong foundation of ELET’s management, administrative and marketing capacity, these pillars form the framework for a strengthened project/programme offering, and for the development and implementation of new, exciting interventions. 

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