ELET’s vision remains as the development of “active learners, skilled teachers in a healthy environment”.
The mission to advance this vision is threefold:
1. to provide in service teacher support and training for the effective use of the language of learning from grade 1 to grade 12
2. To provide Early Childhood Development courses to contribute towards the development of a strong foundation for the building of a sound and relevant education of all.
3. To promote environmental awareness among teachers and learners by organizing action projects around the values of indigenous vegetation, the dangers of alien invasive vegetation, water and soil conservation, and waste re-cycling.

In summary, the mission covers language and learning, early childhood development and environmental consciousness.

Language and learning
As language learning and acquisition is at the heart of all learning, ELET offers both classroom-based projects and courses that promote the effective use of both English, which is the language of learning and teaching from grade 4 in most schools and Zulu both as the language of use in the Foundation Phase and as an additional language for teachers whose mother tongue is not Zulu.

To this end ELET offers the following:
1.1 Needs-based classroom –based English teaching support projects, focusing on a range of fields including – the teaching of reading, writing and oral communication skills, the provision and use of English teaching and learning resources, the teaching of English Literature.
1.2 Short Courses – of approximately 30 hours suvh as:
• Organizing Comprehension reading programme in a school
• The teaching of Writing skills
• The teaching specific literature set works for the various grades
• An English language proficiency Course for teachers
• A Zulu proficiency course for non-Zulu speaking teachers
• An in service trainer-training model for school subject heads of department and subject-advisors.

2. Early Childhood Development Courses and Projects
The following ECD courses and projects offered:
2.1 The level four ECD course (full-time) and part-time
2.2 The level five ECD cover full-time
2.3 An ECD Care centre at a local orphanage
2.4 In addition to the above ELET procures and provides resources to Child-care centres

3. Action Projects for the Rehabilitation and Pre serving of the Environment
3.1 Removing alien invasive vegetation at school and communities
3.2 Indigenous tree planting at school and Communities
3.3 Waste-recycling project at schools including community clean-ups
3.4 Establish vegetable gardens at schools incorporating water and soil care and use.