OUR SCORECARD (1984-2017)

For 34 years we have actively and consciously contributed to the development and transformation of education and society by implementing teacher, learner and community-owned programmes and developing education materials.

We have developed and published teacher support and learner books.

We have trained more than 20 000 teachers in
KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and Free State.

We’ve run more than 500 teacher training
workshops focusing on English, environment and health education.

We won 50 British Council Scholarships for teachers in the primary English Teaching in Rural Areas Programme (PETRA).

We have planted more than 60 000 indigenous
and fruit trees in over 200 disadvantaged schools in KwaZulu-Natal.

We’ve established food gardens, cleared alien invasive plants, constructed plant nurseries, and
provided more than R400 000 worth of garden tools and other equipment to participating

We’ve provided employment and training for 180 community garden workers, who now help to support school feeding schemes.

We’ve organised and hosted more than 17 conferences in partnership with the University of KwaZulu Natal.

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The British Council Award

One of our achievements that deserves special mention is our selection as runner up in the British Council Award for the Effective Transfer of English Language Skills in 2001. This Award forms part of the International Worldware Business Awards Programme.
The judges commented:
“We were struck by ELET’s vision for education in South Africa, which is guided by the values of access, equity, redress, tolerance and justice. Following these principles, ELET has been able to respond creatively and effectively to the education needs expressed by the local communities in the poorest depths of the country.
“The Trust has deservedly won respect and recognition within the public sector, and is to be congratulated for its persistent dedication to increasing the standards of English teaching throughout the country. There is little doubt that it’s work has made a real difference to thousands of teachers and students, spanning the social and income divide. “

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