1. About this Programme:
Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a priority area within the South African context and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies. ECD is a critical foundation for development in childhood and into adulthood. There is thus a vast need for ECD Services, and it is critical that the field should be served by competent Practitioners. This qualification will provide a means to give recognition to Practitioners at an entry level thus providing the field with suitable qualified Practitioners.

SAQA DOCUMENT: “This qualification will provide a means for formal recognition of those who are already practicing in the field, but without qualifications, as well as for those who wish to enter this field.
Level 4; South African Qualifications Authority ID Number 58761
Level 5; South African Qualifications Authority ID Number 64650
ELET in partnership with DUT has embarked on a mission to train Youth as Early Childhood Practitioners to fulfil the national agenda. The programme addresses the critical need to provide young Black women access to:
• education & training within the National Qualifications Framework(NQF) of the South African Qualifications Authority(SAQA)
• Providing a career pathway for School Leavers who do not make the qualifying standards for University, but wish to pursue Bachelors in Education degree.
• Assisting unemployed Youth to gain a qualification towards social entrepreneurship in early childhood development.
• Academically empowering adults who have been providing this service without any training and education.
• Training ECD Practitioners in Early Childhood Development in a field where most of the practitioners are unqualified and the facilities are woefully under-resourced.
• Empowering women as social entrepreneurs in the ECD industry
• Developing skills among unemployed youth and out-of-school matriculation candidates - the programme once successfully completed will create employment for a large number of people.
• Developing social entrepreneurs towards generating domestic income and creating jobs. 

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