ELECT has been offering support to schools and English teachers since 1984, the year in which the organisation was established. The support over the years has covered resources provision, class room-based training and the support of running accredited courses. In the pre-1994 period ELET offered the following internationally recognised courses under the auspice of the University of Cambridge Examination syndicate:
• The Certificate of the Overseas Teachers of English (COTE)
• The Diploma of the Overseas Teachers of English (DOTE)
• The Certificate for English Medium Teacher (CEMT)
Currently, ELET offers a range of English teaching support projects in schools. 
1. School focused in service training in English as a first additional language. The school focused project entails the following:
• Meetings with departmental officials mainly for the selection od schools and for logistics arrangements. 
• Conducting of a needs identification survey through a questionnaire, structured interviews with educators and learners, observation of lessons, and the administration of a pre-test relevant learners.
• A serious of education workshops based on the identified needs.
• A cycle of follow-up support sessions in the classroom.
• Mid report test for selected learners to chart progress together.
• Review of classroom practice.
• Final cycle of workshop and classroom support session.
• Submission of report to relevant officials and schools.
2. The offering of the following short course to be submitted the South African Council of Education
2.1 Implementing and extensive reading course at primary and senior levels of the school.
2.2 The teaching of English vocabulary.
2.3 A model for in service teacher training.
2.4 The teaching of English in a multicultural setting.
2.5 Teaching writing in schools.
3. An English proficiency Course for the Non-native English-speaking Teachers.
This is a content based course designed to improve both the English proficiency of the teacher on their own comprehension.