1. Focus
The establishment and maintenance of a hectare vegetable garden for food security and the sale and process od vegetables for the benefit of the community.

2. Beneficiaries
2.1 the actual gardeners drawn from the community (at present there are 3, but the target is 10).
2.2 the Senior citizens who attend the care centre and are fed a meal when they attend the centre about 250 per week.
2.3 the workers at the centre – (cook plus two assistants) who will be trained in processing the surplus vegetables.

In all there will be, when the project is in full operation, at least 13 direct beneficiaries and a further 250 senior citizens.

3. Activities
i) Tilling and general soil preparation.
ii) Planting and plant care. Eg pest and weed control.
iii) Harvesting and packaging
iv) Selling to local community at weekly flea market to be set up at the site.
v) Processing of surplus vegetables
vi) Care and control of equipment
vii) Setting up of plant nursery to provide seedlings to gardeners.
viii) Provision of training of workers in.
a. Soil preparation fertilizing and compositing.
b. Planting, weed and pest control.
c. Packaging and selling.
d. Vegetable processing. 


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